Efalon® (PTFE) applications in the textile industry are:
♦ Various pneumatic and hydraulic equipment components etc.

Ulpolen1000® 1000 does not require lubrication as a result of its low coefficient of friction. Many textile machinery components that were made up of leather, wood and natural rubber in the past are nowadays made up of Ulpolen1000®  as it has superior impact and wear resistance.
Some of its wide application areas are:
♦ Cylinders Shuttles
♦ Spools
♦ Impact rods
♦ Hammer boxes
♦ Gears
♦ Bushes
♦ Tapes

As Kestamid® is lightweight, resistant to corrosion, impact and wear and operates silently without lubrication, it is nowadays replacing iron, steel, aluminum, bronze and many other plastics in the construction of rotating and sliding machinery components and equipment. Making use of techniques specific to the production of Kestamid® and mechanical resistance of metals, it is possible to make gears with steel core, pulleys, mixer rotors or produce Nylon® cylinders with steel mills. Production technique of Kestaimd® enables the production of bearings, gears, wear plates and pulleys of any dimension and quantity.
Some of its applications are:
♦ Rotating and sliding machinery components
♦ Gears that can operate without lubrication and silently
♦ Wear plates, pulleys
♦ Bearings and bushes
♦ Components with steel core support

Teflon is the registered mark of Dupont.


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