In valve steam seals conveying chemicals, steam, hot oil, water, oxygen, LPG, coal gas, cooling gases and similar corrosive materials, Efalon®(PTFE) is used for absolute sealing. Very low coefficient of friction of Efalon®(PTFE) and its non-stick characteristic help reduce the force necessary to turn on and off the valve to a minimum. Efalon®(PTFE) valve sets and mill compression packings are hygienic, economical and durable.
Some application areas:
• Sealing elements such as gaskets, seals, V-Rings, O-Rings, compression packings, tapes, valve sets etc.
• Tubes, components of joints, valves and pump covers
• Boiler, reactor covers
• Mixers
Equipment lined with Teflon®(tubes, T elbows, tanks etc.) are widely used in refineries and petrochemical facilities. Efalon®(PTFE) lining combines perfect heat and chemical resistance of PTFE with resistance of steel. The fact that nothing sticks onto Efalon®(PTFE) helps keep pipes clean and prevents clogging whereas the fact that it is a good insulator prevents freezing of chemicals in pipe lines and keeps them unaffected by external conditions.

Teflon is the registered mark of Dupont.


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