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Kestamid® is an engineering plastic used commonly for its superior mechanical, physical, chemical and electrical properties. It is replacing aluminum, copper, bronze, steel, fiber, brass and other metals in many applications with superior advantages as it is lightweight, resistant to corrosion, impact and wear and and operates silently without lubrication.
Making use of techniques specific to production of Kestamid® and mechanical resistance of metals, it is possible to make gears with steel core, pulleys, mixer rotors or produce Nylon cylinders with steel mills.
Production technique of Kestamid® is extremely economical as it enables production of bearings, gears, wear plates and pulleys of any dimension and quantity. Some application areas are:
♦ Rotating and sliding machinery components
♦ Gears that operate without lubrication and silently
♦ Wear plates, pulleys
♦ Bearings and bushes
♦ Components with steel core support
Kestamid® operates efficiently as roller mill bearings and guides, roller mill heads and sliding coupling pads. Kestamid® is also used widely in internal regulated rolling pins that help hold metal sheet rolls.

For bearings and guides without lubrication, Kestoil® is an ideal self-lubricated engineering plastic that is structurally unique in many ways. Kestoil® and Kestlub® have lower coefficients of friction, higher wear resistance and lower water absorption feature compared to Kestamid®. These superior assets make them ideal bearing materials. Kestlub® with its solid lubricant additive is better fit in bearing applications with high pressure and load. In high temperatures, Kestamid-HS® should be preferred; it has a longer operation life in the presence of high levels of heat.

Efalon® (PTFE) is a very valuable material as it has perfect resistance to all chemicals and corrosion and can be used in a very wide temperature interval. Nothing sticks onto its surface. It is slippery and has a very low coefficient of friction.
It is preferred in gaskets and compression packings where sealing feature is required, in corrosive environments, picking bath systems, sprayers used for heating acid baths with steam, in pumps and valves. The ideal material for piston mills, wear rings and hydraulic rings used widely in iron and steel industry is compounded Efalon®.

In sand, clinker and raw material bunkers, internal surfaces of silos and bunkers are lined with Ulpolen1000® to obtain regular and homogeneous flow.











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