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Efalon®(PTFE) sliding bearings, supports and guides are used in bridges, buildings, roofs, tunnels, pipe lines, heavy industry constructions, steel constructions and storage tank supports to eliminate and absorb expansions and contractions, vibrations, effects of earthquakes and changes in load. PTFE sliding bearings are produced embedded in steel, adhering to steel or mechanically mounted to steel. Bearings that are vested in steel are preferred in very high load applications. In bearings that adhere to steel, the bond between steel and PTFE is very strong as a result of the special application method whereas assembly of bearings mechanically adhering to steel is short and simple. Polikim ofers many types of sliding guides on request and also skived tapes, etched one side commonly used in sliding guides.


As Kestamid® is lightweight, resistant to corrosion, impact and wear and works silently without lubrication, it is preferred over iron, steel, aluminum, bronze and many other plastics in rotating and sliding machinery components and similar equipment. The production technique of Kestamid® enables cost effective production of bearings, gears, wear plates and pulleys of any dimension and quantity.
Application areas of Kestamid® in construction are as follows:
♦ Rotating and sliding machinery components 
♦ Support bases
♦ Wear plates, pulleys, sheaves 
♦ Rolls

For bearings and guides without lubrication, Kestoil® is an ideal self-lubricated engineering plastic that is structurally unique in many ways. Kestoil® and Kestlub® have lower coefficients of friction, higher wear resistance and lower water absorption feature compared to Kestamid®. These superior assets make them ideal bearing materials. Kestlub® with its solid lubricant additive is better fit in bearing applications with high pressure and load. Both absorb vibrations and impacts and are corrosion resistant. In construction machines, Kestoil® and Kestlub® components increase operating efficiency and decrease fuel expenses.
Some applications are: 
♦ Bushes, bearings 
♦ Guides, pads


Ulpolen1000® has rightfully earned the title as the innovative and essential engineering plastic of construction industry. Ulpolen1000®'s

♦ High impact resistance

♦ High wear resistance

♦ Low friction coefficient

♦ Slipperiness

♦ High chemical resistance

♦ Wide operating temperature interval
make it ideal lining material of bunkers and silos.

Lining truck beds and buckets with Ulpolen1000® doubles excavation volume where clay, mud and humidity pose problems. Materials flow faster and bearings have a longer life. Easier discharge of load with minimum dumper inclination is thus possible.
Ulpolen1000® lining makes more roundtrips in a day possible, help carry more load in total, less maintenance and repair of trucks, more infrequent change of tires. It is resistant to dry and hot weather conditions in summer and to cold below zero levels in winter. It helps save time and energy.
With its perfect wear and impact resistance, low coefficient of friction, no water absorption, silent operation and other superior characteristics, Ulpolen1000® is used as fenders in modern docks and wharves. It is resistant to cold and sea salt.


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