Polikim Kestamid®(PA6G-Cast Nylon) is one of the most commonly used engineering plastics.
It has good impact , wear resistance and fatigue strenght.
Kestamid® is an engineering plastic replacing metals;

• Approximately 1/8 the weight of bronze
• 1/7 the weight of cast iron

• 1/2 the weight of aluminum  
Kestamid® standard’s colour is yellow. Upon request, it can be produced in natural and other colours.
Polikim is the premier PA6G-Cast Polyamide manufacturer in Turkey, and offers rods, sheets, tubes in various sizes and grades. For special requirements please contact us.


• Resistant to impact and shock loading
• Zero corrosion; resistant to water absorption and mould growth
• Low friction
• Exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion
• Extensive cost savings
• Pulley, Sheaves                          • Spindle Bearings and Guides
• Railways Components                 • Machine Components
• Load Support                             • Rollers
• Boom Guides                             • 
Construction and mining machinery parts


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