Kestamid-HS® is Polikim’s cast polyamide with increased heat resistance. Thermal stabilizer additives increase thermal aging significantly. In operating temperatures over 80°C, it performs with a longer duration compared to other extrusion and cast polyamide types. Its continuous operating temperature increases by 15-30°C compared to Kestamid® and reaches the 125-140°C interval. Thanks to its short term operating temperature that reaches 185-200°C interval, it is used safely in many applications that require heat resistance. In addition to its thermal aging property, it has all other technical assets of Kestamid®. Special additives make it possible to maintain the other technical properties while increasing thermal performance. It is possible to produce its UV resistant type on request.

Kestamid - HS® is registered trademark of Polikim A.S.

• High performance in high operating temperatures  
• High mechanical resistance
• High wear and impact resistance
• Low coefficient of friction
• High chemical resistance
• High vibration and impact absorption capacity
• Easily machined

• Bearings                                    • Gears
• Roller bearings                           • Rollers
• Wear plates                               • Various machine components

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