POM material, commonly called acetal, is a semi crystalline thermoplastic with high mechanical strength and rigidity. The good dimensional stability and particularly good fatigue strength, as well as excellent machining ability, makes POM polymer a highly versatile engineering material, even for complex components.
Key Benefits:
♦ Good chemical resistance                                        ♦ High strength
♦ Low moisture-absorption characteristic                    ♦ Good machinability
♦ Very good electrical insulation                                  ♦ Low coefficient of friction
                                                                                                                ♦ Good slide and wear properties 

                                                                                        ♦ Rollers             ♦ Switch collar
                                                                                        ♦ Washers           ♦ Bearings
                                                                                        ♦ Load support     ♦ Bushes
                                                                                        ♦ Gears                ♦ Pumps 
Standard Dimensions:
Thickness:    10-100mm
WidthxLength: 1000x2000mm
Colour: Natural-White-Black or requested colours



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