Pulleys, Sheaves

Pulleys, Sheaves

Sheaves are machine components used to change and/or redirect motion, that have rotational movements and circular geometry and with chains or belts passing over. Bush sheaves, V sheaves and other similar types are present. Pulleys are machine components that are generally used with ropes or chains for lifting loads, over which flexible elastic components can be wrapped, with pertruding parts on the edges and that have rotational movements and circular geometry. Guide pulleys, hose pulleys etc. are various types.
Most important factors in selecting Kestamid® as ideal material for sheaves and pulleys are its high compression strength and wear resistance making the material durable. Kestamid® sheaves and pulleys are lighter in comparison to metal counterparts and thus cheaper. With moving metal components periodical lubrication is necessary. Self-lubricated Kestamid® has apparent advantages.
It is possible to produce steel bush core Kestamid® gears, pulleys or mixer fans or to produce cylinders with steel axis by making use of techniques specific to the production of Kestamid® and mechanical resistance of metals.
Key benefits:
• Lighter than metal                                          • High vibration and impact absorption
• High mechanical resistance                             • Work silently
• High wear resistance                                      • Do not require lubrication
• Resistant to corrosion                                     • Low coefficient of friction

                                                                                         • Construction equipment
                                                                                         • Cableway systems
                                                                                         • Wire manufacturing equipment
                                                                                         • Material carriage wheels
                                                                                         • Elevator/crane systems
                                                                                         • Escalator systems
                                                                                         • Belt-sheave mechanisms


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