Spindle Bearings and Guides

Spindle Bearings and Guides

Spindling is the name given to the process of making metals pass through rollers and attenuating them. Where roller bearings are made up of bronze, brass or similar materials, surface in contact wears off metal in time and it becomes necessary to change the bearing. Kestamid® provides greater advantages in this application as it is more resistant and cheaper than steel, brass and similar materials.
Moreover it is necessary to lubricate these metal bearings periodically. Special spindle bearing lubricants are present in the market for this purpose. Obviously Kestamid® does not require lubrication.
Kestoil® and Kestlub® are even more advantageous where lubrication is impossible or limited. They provide superior performance in spindle bearings and roller heads. Kestamid-HS® is stabilized for good performance in high temperatures. Compared to others, it has a longer life in applications at 80°C and above; therefore is more economical under these circumstances. In couplers that connect spindles to the engine, Kestamid® sliding purlins are intensively used.
Key benefits:
♦ High mechanical resistance
♦ High wear and impact resistance
♦ Low coefficient of friction
♦ High vibration and impact resistance
♦ Resistant to corrosion
♦ Do not require lubrication
♦ Work silently
♦ Function at high temperatures


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