PTFE Hoses

PTFE Hoses

Virgin Efalon® (PTFE) hoses are composed of 100% Efalon® (PTFE) material which does not contain any pigments or additives. When physical flexibility of virgin Efalon® (PTFE) is combined with other technical properties and its chemical resistance, Efalon® becomes an ideal engineering plastic for hose production. It is the ideal solution for tough conditions where typical hose applications are not sufficient; it is the most universal material for hoses.
Hose bend radius is the most important factor in selecting the right hose for the application. Many types of connection clamps can be fixed to all types of hoses upon request. For example, connection clamps with internal and external cogs, camlocks, flanges, tri-clamps (triclovers), SMS, DIN 11851 etc.
Where high pressure and continuous bending are present, hose applications with bellows/stainless braids should be preferred. Efalon® (PTFE) hoses with bellows can be cleaned easily and are especially preferred in applications that require flexibility. Their virgin and anti-static black types are also present. Efalon® hoses with bellows outside and plain inside are developed for the pharmaceutical and food industries. 


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