Lined Products

Lined Products

Efalon® (PTFE) is one of the most widely used lining materials. For special applications, it is also possible to line and coat with PP, PFA, FEP, HALAR and PVDF. Please contact Polikim for your special requests.
Efalon® (PTFE) lining combines perfect heat and chemical resistance of PTFE with resistance of steel. The fact that nothing sticks onto Efalon® (PTFE) helps keep pipes clean and prevents clogging whereas the fact that it is a good insulator prevents freezing of chemicals in pipe lines and keeps them unaffected by external conditions.
Efalon® (PTFE) lined products produced by Polikim have been functioning in many industrial facilities without any problems for many years. Polikim pays utmost attention to the packaging and delivery of its lined products. Lined products are protected by special coverings so that flanges are not damaged during delivery and stocking and external steel pipe is painted with protective paints.
♦ Pipes conveying chemicals
♦ Pipe lines for food systems
♦ Pipe lines for medicine systems
♦ Reactors
♦ Pumps
♦ Valves
♦ Tanks


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