Kestoil® is a self-lubricated, strong, wear resistant engineering plastic with a low coefficient of friction. Implicit in its nature, it has many properties that no other material has in combination. It is ideal for bearings without lubrication and for guides. Lubricants and impact and wear resistance increasing additives are added during production to turn Kestamid® into Kestoil®. As bearing material, Kestoil® has a wear resistance 4 times the standard cast polyamide. This considerable result comes from the fact that the self-lubricating characteristic of the material keeps the coefficient of friction low during operation and thus prevents formation of heat between components that rub against each other. In the absence of self-lubrication, friction is reduced by external lubrication. Yet heat that is formed when lubricant is diminished or totally cleared away shortens material life due to increasing wear. Kestoil® should be preferred in applications where dimensional stability and weatherability of Kestamid® are questionable. As additives fill up pores, humidity and water absorption are reduced; sustaining dimensional stability. As the lubricant additive in Kestoil® is liquid, in high pressure and bearing applications liquid oil may leak out. In such applications, solid lubricant does not leak out, making Kestlub® a better choice.

Kestoil® is registered trademark of Polikim.


• Lower coefficient of friction compared to Kestamid®             • High wear resistance

• High vibration resistance                                                    • Highly crystallized structure
• Good performance with corrosive environment                     • Higher dimensional stability
• Lower water absorption compared to Kestamid®                        • High impact strength
• Low heat accumulation on the surface                                 • Resistance to corrosion
• Perfect resistance to many chemicals                                   • Easy to machine
• Works silently and without impacts                                      • Self lubricating
• Natural colour where in contact with food and medicine         • Increase component lifespan
• Excellent wear and abrasion resistance                                • Ideal for environments where lubrication is difficult or impossible

• Provides a lubricated environment as a result of internal lubrication

• Wear pads                  • Sheaves

• Support rails               • Rollers
• Guide plates               • Bearings
• Spacers                      • Bushes


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