PTFE Piston Seals & Rod Seals

PTFE Piston Seals & Rod Seals

Efalon®(PTFE) piston seals and rod seals are always the ideal choice for sealing static or dynamic pistons and rods. Polikim offers a broad range of standard PTFE piston seals and PTFE rod seals, supplemented by customer-specific special solutions.
♦ Outstanding dry-running characteristics
♦ Low wear
♦ Low friction
♦ Variable friction conditions through choice of spring characteristics
♦ Extremely low breakaway forces even after prolonged downtimes
♦ No stick-slip effect even at low sliding speeds
♦ High dimensional stability
♦ High chemical and thermal stability
♦ No volumetric change by swelling or shrinkage
♦ Good cost-benefit ratio
♦ Sterilizable
♦ Easy to rinse
Suitable for the Following Application Areas:
Automotive industry, e.g., in gasoline direct injection and in headlight cleaning devices
General mechanical engineering, e.g., in valves, solenoid valves, CNC machines, compressors, and vacuum pumps as well as tank systems
Aerospace industry, e.g., in landing gear systems
Food processing industry, e.g., in filling machines and metering systems
Pneumatics, e.g., in cylinders and other pneumatic components
Medical engineering and analytics, e.g., in chromatography and endoscopy
Offshore technology, e.g., as petroleum and natural gas seals
Chemical plant and equipment technology, e.g., in apparatus and container engineering


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