Guide & Valve Seat

Guide & Valve Seat

One of the typical applications of Efalon®(PTFE) is guide and valve seats in compressor valves. Especially in non-lubricated compressors, valves are among the pieces that are subject to most wear. In compressor valves Efalon®(PTFE) is used in order to eliminate metal to metal friction and to reduce wear.
♦ Efalon®(PTFE) has the least coefficient of friction among all solids
♦ Nothing sticks onto the surface of Efalon® (PTFE).
♦ Heat and pressure do not alter property.
♦ Is not affected by weather conditions, is impermeable.
♦ Is 100% resistant to all chemicals within its operating temperature interval of -260ºC, +270ºC.
♦ Efalon®(PTFE) is a very good electrical insulator


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