Piston rings

Piston rings

♦ Piston rings are long-lasting. They do not break.
♦ They are self-lubricated.
♦ Provide absolute sealing.
♦ The fact that they are flexible enables them to be fixed into piston rings of even smallest diameters.
♦ Enable using simple and economic pistons.
♦ Friction that is observed with other piston rings in the first running period is very little in Efalon®(PTFE) piston rings. In first running period a thin layer of PTFE tape is formed on surface of cylinder. In this way low PTFE-PTFE friction is obtained. Surface of cylinder is not worn out. 
♦ Are used in all temperatures and environments starting from liquidated gases at -190°C to corrosive gases at +250°C. The fact that they can be used without lubrication eliminates danger of inflammation and explosion. For this reason they are used safely in oxygen compressors.
♦ Are hygienic, they don’t give way to oxidation when cylinders are not in motion.
♦ Do not contaminate their working environment. They are used without hesitation in food and pharma industries.
♦ Have a very high wear resistance in iron casts and stainless steel cylinders. In corrosive environments, they give good results with cylinders lined with hard chrome.
♦ Are used successfully with aluminum cylinders.
♦ Absorb solid particles in the environment and prevent surface of cylinder from being scratched.

Virgin Efalon®(PTFE) piston rings are used in cases that require very high chemical resistance and generally in low velocity and low pressure applications.
Carbon-filled Efalon®(PTFE) piston rings are most commonly used. They have very high resistance to wear and deformation under load and perfect wear resistance in dry and wet environments. They do not wear off the surface in contact even at high velocities. They have very high heat conductivity. Compared to types with other fillers, their resistance to alkalies is better, but their resistance to oxidizers is less than glass-filled.
Glass-filled Efalon®(PTFE) piston rings are recommended where chemical resistance is important. Their resistance is low only against alkalies. They can wear off surface in contact at high PV values if surface in contact is not hard enough. Compared to virgin PTFE piston rings, they have higher wear resistance and deformation resistance under load.
Bronze-filled Efalon®(PTFE) piston rings have highest heat conductivity, but their chemical resistance is not good. Generally speaking chemical environments that affect bronze have an effect also on bronze-filled PTFE. Their resistance to deformation and wear under load is good. They can be used at low and high PV values where chemical resistance is not necessary. If surface in contact is not too hard, they are also appropriate at high speeds in dry conditions


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