Glass-filled G15, G25

Glass-filled G15, G25

PTFE Glass Filled  is reinforced with glass fibres with the percentage 15% and 25% depending on the needs of the application.
♦ Improves creep resistance, both at low and high temperatures
♦ Chemically stable (except for strong alkalis and hydrofluoric acid (HF))
♦ Little effect on the electrical properties of PTFE, and improves wear and friction behavior
PTFE Glass filled  is very commonly used in valve seat applications. Increased compressive strength and creep resistance of the material allow much greater pressure on the valve seat and as such a much higher rated valve.


• Wear resistant                                          • Higher coefficient of friction
• Improved hardness                                   • Abrasive filler unsuitable for some applications
• Lower thermal expansion                           • Resistance to gas permeation is reduced
• Lower deformation under load                    • Non-conductive

• Pump housings                                            • Pump and instrument construction
• Valve seats and sealing applications              • Electrical industry
• Gaskets                                                      • Electronics
• Roller coverings                                           • Laser technology
• Shaft bearings                                             • Fume purification
• Filter housings                                             • Pure water production
• Etching plates                                              • Cryogenics
• Shaft seals                                                   • Filter technology
• Slide runners                                                • Food and medical technology
• Chemical engineering 
• Machine parts 
• Transport and conveyor technology 


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