Bronze-filled B40, B60

Bronze-filled B40, B60

Bronze, when used as filler, is added in percentages of weight between 40 and 60%. PTFE Bronze filled  has the best wear properties, remarkable compression strengths and good thermal conductivity, but poor electrical characteristics and chemical resistance.
It is often used in hydraulic systems, particularly superb as linear bearings, e.g. slides, gibs, guide ways.
The compound is easily machined. Bronze-filled  is useful in applications which undergo high mechanical loads or high-speed rubbing contacts where the bronze filler supplies the strength and conductivity to carry away excess, unwanted heat.

• High resistance to deformation under load, wear and cold flow              • High heat insulation
• Less chemical resistance compared to carbon and glass-filled Efalon®   • Easily processed mechanically


• Bearings
• Piston rings
• Valve sets
• Valve components

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