Graphite and special lubricants are evenly dispersed in its entirety in this type of Polikim's cast polyamide. The material is dark grey colored. Kestamid-GRF® has a high degree of crystallinity and better hardness and compression strength properties compared to standard Kestamid®. It has a low coeffient of friction and a high degree of abrasion resistance. It has good weatherability and UV resistance properties and can be more easily mechanically machined compared to standard Kestamid®. It also can be used in higher temperatures compared again to the standard type.

Kestamid-GRF® is a registered trademark of Polikim A.S.

  • High mechanical strength, hardness & rigidity
  • Good creep resistance
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Good wear resistance
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Low moisture-absorption
° Wear rings
° Thrust washers
° Split Bearings
° Bushes Vanes

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