Kestlub® is one of the most important developments in the Kestamid® product range. Kestlub® is a special type of cast polyamide ideal for bearings. It is produced by adding lubricants to cast polyamide through special processes. It performs extremely well in bearing applications as it is self-lubricated.
 Kestlub® should be preferred in applications where dimensional stability and weatherability of Kestamid® are questionable. As lubricant additives fill up pores, humidity and water absorption are reduced; sustaining dimensional stability. In high pressures and bearing applications, solid lubricant does not leak out, making Kestlub® the best choice.

Kestlub® is registered trademark of Polikim.

• Self lubricant
• Excellent wear and abrasion resistance
• High load capacity
• High speed and temperature operating range

• Split Bearings                                      • Wear Rings
• Thrust vashers                                    • Vanes
• Bushes                                               • Boom Guides
• Construction and Mining machinery pads

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