Efalon® Virgin T100

Efalon® Virgin T100

Polikim's registered trademark for polytetrafluoroethylene is EFALON®. Due to its molecular structure composed of carbon and fluor atoms, EFALON® (PTFE) has a long list of unique properties uncommon in other materials.
Polikim can make the following changes in material properties to meet the application requirements:
• Tensile strength between +25% and -%50
• Elongation strength between +50% and -%70
• Elongation at break between +100% and -%20
• Impact resistance between +0% and -%80
                                                                                        • Pressure resistance between +50% and -%0
                                                                                        • Electric strength between +0% and -%80

Polikim offers rods, tubes, sheets, skived tapes in various sizes and grades. For special requirements please contact us.

Efalon® is a registered trademark of Polikim A.S.


• The least coefficient of friction among all solids
• Resistant to almost all chemicals used in manufacturin
• Very low coefficient of frictio
• Wide range of continuous operating temperature between (-260°C, +270°C)
• Non-stick, inflammable
• High electrical insulation
• Perfect weatherability
• FDA approved 
• Almost infinite shelf life

• Pump housings                             • Transport and conveyor technology
• Valve seats                                  • Pump and instrument construction
• Gaskets                                       • Electrical industry
• Roller coverings                            • Electronics
• Shaft bearings                              • Laser technology
• Filter housings                              • Fume purification
• Etching plates                               • Pure water production
• Shaft seals                                   • Cryogenics
• Slide runners                                • Filter technology                          
• Chemical engineering                    • Food and medical technology
• Machine parts


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